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  Chaplains Committee -
Paul Bauer - Committe Chair

Illinois Corps of Fire Chaplains, (ICFC)




Carol Gapsis, Darrel Brandon, Paul Bauer, Jim Wright

(Not pictured - LeRoy Tucker & Gary Fortkamp)


Critical Incident Stress Management –
Grief Following Trauma

                  Hosted by the MABAS 54 Chaplains

                May 2 & 3, 2014 from  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

      Effingham Fire Department - Central Fire Station
            505 W. Fayette Ave. , Effingham  IL 

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In the course of our lives, it is inevitable that we will encounter traumatic death and loss both personally and professionally, yet we often feel ill-prepared to provide effective care throughout the grieving process.

This course will cover key grief and loss concepts relating to trauma and traumatic death.

Participants will increase their knowledge of how trauma impacts the grieving process and will gain skills for evaluating and supporting persons who have experienced traumatic death and loss.

This course is designed for anyone who works with people who experience grief and loss following a traumatic event.






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